Westpoint WF-1853 Food Processor


Westpoint WF-1853 Food Processor

Store Updated on Updated Price
August 31, 2020 Rs. 12,999 Visit store
July 24, 2021 Rs. 11,500 Visit store
July 15, 2021 Rs. 9,652 Visit store
March 6, 2021 Rs. 9,000 Visit store

Bring home innovation and ease at its best with westpoint! Presently you can enjoy simple cooking more than ever, on the grounds that Westpoint Food Processor WF-1853 has different capacities and elements that performs an assortment of nourishment readiness assignments, for example, cleaving, cutting grinding and a juicer. It is an advantageous kitchen apparatus that would assist you with making your kitchen work more simpler. It would spare your time and vitality and would assist you with making your dinners get prepared in less compass of time.

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