TP Link TL-WR902AC


TP Link TL-WR902AC

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Fast Wi-Fi Travels with You!
AC750 Wireless Travel Router


Portable and compact
The incredibly compact TL-WR902AC is the world’s first AC750 travel router. Take it with you to create a personal Wi-Fi spot anywhere internet is available. It fits easily in your pocket, purse or bag and is perfect for use while traveling. Watch movies over private dual-band Wi-Fi at a hotel.

Dual-Band AC for Fast Wi-Fi Speeds
The travel router creates fast AC750 Wi-Fi over dual 2.4 GHz (300 Mbps) and 5 GHz (433 Mbps) bands. Dual bands allow for more devices to be connected to your personal network and provide reliable Wi-Fi access so you can enjoy what you love without interruptions.

802.11n 2.4G 300Mbps

802.11ac 5G 433Mbps

Multiple Wi-Fi Modes for Any Situation
Whether you need a private Wi-Fi network while away or something to boost your Wi-Fi at home, the TL-WR902AC has a mode for you.

Hotspot Mode

Connect to an outdoor WISP Access Point, enjoy a private Wi-Fi hotspot for your devices in public areas.






Multifunctional USB Port for File Sharing and Charging
A The travel router comes with a built-in USB 2.0 sharing port. Connect a USB storage drive to share access to files, download movies and back up recent photos. Connect your smartphone cable and the router doubles as a 5V/1A charging station for one device.

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