TP Link TL-POE200


TP Link TL-POE200

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September 8, 2022 Rs. 4,471 Visit store
June 19, 2022 Rs. 3,999 Visit store
June 19, 2022 Rs. 3,899 Visit store
June 19, 2022 Rs. 3,516 Visit store

The TL-POE200 is designed to deliver power and data over a single Ethernet cable to an Ethernet enabled device up to 100m away. The PoE kit uses two devices, one, the ´injector´ injects power and data into a single Ethernet cable while the other, the ´splitter´ placed at the receiving end splits the power and data back into two cables to be used by the connected Ethernet device. This convenience allows users to place Ethernet enabled devices such as access points, IP cameras, or VoIP phones anywhere that they are best suited, regardless of whether a power socket is available, to achieve the best performance for the connected devices.

TP-LINK‘s TL-POE200 uses widely adopted PoE technology in the industry and provides more cost-effective PoE solution. It is highly recommended not to pair the PoE products with other PoE adapters unless under professional guidance.

Delivers power and data through a single Ethernet cable for simple network extension

Transmits power & data over an Ethernet cable up to 100m(328 feet) away

Plug and play design provides a hassle free setup

12/9/5VDC triple output adapts to different Ethernet-enable devices

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