Punching Bag in Leather-6 Feet


Punching Bag in Leather-6 Feet

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November 27, 2022 Rs. 18,950 Visit store
November 27, 2022 Rs. 18,500 Visit store

Do want to put on your boxing gloves and punch at home?

Ideal if you want to blow off some steam or if you just like doing martial arts.

Comes in various lengths. The rule: the longer the punch bag, the more weight it can handle. You can easily attach the punching bag to the included chain. For heavier bags, it is better to use a wall mount.

Genuine leather
Very sturdy
Easy to hang on the included chain
Ideal to use at home or gym

Length: 6 Feet
Weight: 60 to 65 KG

DISCLAIMER: Color of the bag may vary from the picture

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