Philips PQ206/18 Electric shaver


Philips PQ206/18 Electric shaver

Store Updated on Updated Price
October 29, 2022 Rs. 7,499 Visit store
May 18, 2022 Rs. 4,499 Visit store
July 16, 2022 Rs. 4,409 Visit store
September 8, 2022 Rs. 3,599 Visit store

Smooth and easy shaving
With a combination of close cut system and independent floating heads, this Philips electric shaver gives you a smooth and comfortable shaving experience at home. The feature of floating heads is something that makes all the difference. These independently floating blades follow the curves of your face and removes hair easily. This shaver has many other advanced features such as small shaving head that cuts hair quickly and deeply, ergonomic designs and it also comes with a protection cap that prevents the shaving foil from damages.

A fully charged Philips PQ206/18 shaver will allow you to use it up to 60 minutes. So, now enjoy a smooth, closer and comfortable shave every time without fretting much about damaging your skin with this Philips electric shaver.

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