Philips AT600/15 Electric shaver


Philips AT600/15 Electric shaver

Store Updated on Updated Price
October 8, 2022 Rs. 6,000 Visit store
October 8, 2022 Rs. 5,790 Visit store
May 18, 2022 Rs. 5,599 Visit store
January 26, 2023 Rs. 5,175 Visit store

Ergonomic easy grip

Wet and dry cleaning and fully waterproof
Display: 1 LED indicator and shaving time: 30plus minutes, up to 10 shaves
Operation: Rechargeable battery, cordless use and charging time: 10 hours
Display indicates: Battery low, charging
Late for work? Have an important meeting scheduled for today? Scared to face the mirror and you’re desperately looking for a way out. Fret not; Philips AquaTouch Electric Shaver is here to rescue you. Spending hours on shaving is now a thing of the past. With close cut blades having rounded edges that glide smoothly around the skin, a comfortable shave is always guaranteed. No need to jump out of the shower now whenever you have to shave. Being 100 % waterproof this electric innovation comes with a 2 year guarantee and can be used anywhere along with your favourite foam and gel. With a recharge time of 10 hours, this cordless beauty provides up to 30 plus minutes of shaving time. Ain’t that just great? Precision and control in addition to the unique ergonomic grip is what the Philips AquaTouch Electric Shaver is known for. Designed to adapt to voltages from across the globe, this shaving innovation becomes a great travel companion whenever you’re on the go. After your dry or wet shave, just pop open the head, open and rinse under running water to clean your shaver. Yes it is just that easy. For a quick convenient refreshing shave providing enhanced skin comfort, the Philips AquaTouch Electric Shaver should undoubtedly become a part of your everyday list.

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