Panasonic KX-TS500MX Corded Landline Phone


Panasonic KX-TS500MX Corded Landline Phone

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December 13, 2022 Rs. 3,999 Visit store
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September 8, 2022 Rs. 3,400 Visit store
September 8, 2022 Rs. 3,400 Visit store
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The KX-TS500MX comes in black, white, red, dark blue and grey. Choose one that adds a splash of color to your office, or the one that makes the best match with your office decor.

Body Color White
Type Corded phone
Power Options Power Source: Telephone Line
Speaker Type 3-step ringer volume (Off, Low, High)
Feature 01 Switchable Tone/Pulse Settings: The KX-TS500MX can be switched between tone (pushbutton) and pulse (rotary), ensuring that it will work on either type of telephone line.
Feature 02 Last Number Redial: One-touch (32 digits); This dials the number you most recently dialed. If you need to make a follow-up call or the line was busy the first time, just press the redial button.
Feature 03 Timed Flash: 600 ms; This function, which supports Call Waiting and PBX use, ensures that a caller is not accidentally cut off while on hold.
Feature 04 Electronic Volume Control: Even in mid-conversation, you can adjust the receiving volume of the handset to any of 6 levels.
Feature 05 3-Step Ringer Selector: The ringer volume can be set to Off, Low, or High. Set it to Off when you don’t want to be disturbed during a meeting.
Feature 06 Dial Mode: Tone (DTMF)/pulse
Mounting wall mountable
Dimension HxWxD : 96 mm x 150 mm x 200 mm
Weight 475 g

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