Liveup LS2044 – Rubber Kettle Bell – 12kg


Liveup LS2044 – Rubber Kettle Bell – 12kg

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June 3, 2022 Rs. 12,600 Visit store

Cast iron rubber-coated Kettlebells
Competition standard
Robust and designed
Excellent full body workout
Great for squats, swings, cleans, & presses
Variety of other exercises that are proven to build muscle size & strength.
Liveup LS2044 – Rubber Kettle Bell – 12kg

High quality rubber kettlebells
Suitable for commercial and home use
Rubber-encased body to prevent damage to floor
Ergonomic chrome handle. Cast iron inside
Diamond-pattern Knurling for improved grip
Rubberized weight to minimize impact on ground
Unlike traditional weights, the kettlebell swings like a pendulum
Suitable for a quietly intense workout designed to melt away inches and reshape stubborn trouble spots
Fat-burning cardio and powerful core work come together with one revolutionary fitness tool

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