Aurura YB-1300ALE Fireproof Safe


Aurura YB-1300ALE Fireproof Safe

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Fire Safes are usually made of a thin metal double wall and have a fire-resistant insulating material between the walls. They have a minimum level of security, because they are designed to protect (especially papers) against fire. They have to maintain an internal temperature of below 200 degrees C (the point at which documents will be destroyed) .The safes provide the fire protection for either 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. Similar to them, but a bit more effective, there are the Data Fire Safes which maintain less than 52 degrees C (the point at which data media is destroyed) and also protect against high humidity, electro magnetic contamination, etc

Main Features:

Multi-walled body contain special fireproof stuffing material (foaming concrete).

Adjustable / removable shelf or drawer.

Strong locking mechanism and three-way locking bolts.

Heavy duty vault style door, hinges and multi-walled body construction.

Live action locking bolts and dead locking bolts secure the door in place.

Ensuring the inner temperature less than 177 ºC (350º F) while exposed in 927º C(1700º F) flame for one hour.

Excellent power coating finish in body color deep grey, door color light grey.

Electronic Locking System:

Standard deliver with high security electronic magnet drive lock with a clear LED display which shows the function status including the battery status (4 alkaline batteries are freely offered).

Open and close safe require both electronic code access and combination lock access.

Equipped with emergency key lock system for the emergent situation happens.

Latest 12 times opening record with alarm system


Special fireproof stuffing material (foaming concrete).

Accessories(inside body): 2 shelf and 1 drawer

Castle wheels for easily move from one place to another.

Ensuring the inner temperature less than 188C(244.4F), while exposed in 1030C(1886F) flame for one hour.

External: (H)1370x(W)700x(D)675mm

Internal: (H)1160x(W)300x(D)470mm

Packing Dimension: (H)1400x(W)750x(D)720mm

Handly for easily open the door of the safe after input digital correct code.

Live action locking bolts and dead locking bolts secure the door in place.

Open/close:4-8 digital code, emergency key or emergency battery unit.

Net Weight: 342kg.

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