Aurura TC-56 5600KM Aurora Intelligent Safe


Aurura TC-56 5600KM Aurora Intelligent Safe

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January 8, 2023 Rs. 74,499 Visit store
April 16, 2022 Rs. 49,999 Visit store

The electronic safe makes it easy for you and your family and friends to keep your valuable belongings safe and secure. The safe can fit in easily in your closet. It can be opened by entering 3-8 digit code that can be changed by the owner by using the master password.

Please note: Do not share your safe’s unlock code with unauthorized people.


Capacity: 0.073CBM
External: (H)560x(W)370x(D)445mm
Internal: (H)532x(W)365x(D)380mm
Packing Dimension: (H)600x(W)410x(D)520mm
Open/close: 3~6 digital code, credit card or Emergency key
Shell(PC): with one, Double Body: 2mm
Weight: 33kg. Door 6mm, Body: 2mm

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