Aurura Fingerprint Safe AFS-1300K


Aurura Fingerprint Safe AFS-1300K

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December 30, 2022 Rs. 37,999 Visit store
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Product Description
This is the safe that detects your biometric print before it opens, eliminating the need to remember or share a combination . Its built-in fingerprint scanner records the exact signature of your print and commits it to built-in memory that stores up to 4 additional fingerprints. You can change users at any time without having to change a combination, and the safe comes with a set of access keys for backup purposes. The safe is constructed from steel and its door locks to the frame using a solid, double-bolt lock. Ideal for documents, passports, vehicle titles, jewelry, and other smaller valuables.


Unique structure.
Use friendly product-original design,
Maximum 32 Fingerprints can be registered

Constructed from solid to resist attack from hand and power tools
Electronic lock allows maximum opening and closing of door
External: (H)300x(W)380x(D)300mm
Good for hotel, office files Jewelley box and family use.
Open/close : Finger print
Packing Dimension: (H)320x(W)400x(D)340mm
Shelf(PC):with one, Double locking bolts
Use finger instead of key or cod for great convenience
Weight:16kg.Door:5mm,Body: 2mm

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