Aurora AS890C Paper Shredder


Aurora AS890C Paper Shredder

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8 Sheet Light Duty Crosscut Shredder
The light duty AS890C paper shredder is ideal for home/office use. With the use of its durable steel cutters, this reliable compact machine destroys up to 8 sheets of documents or 1 credit card per pass into 7/32″ x 1 27/32″ pieces. Includes an integrated 3.6-gallon wastebasket.
Features include:
Shreds credit cards
Overheat protection
Auto start
Manual reverse for cleaning paper jams
Security Level P-3

Paper Shred Size:
7/32″ x 1 27/32″
Shred Speed:
8.36 feet per minute
Paper Feed Width:
Basket Volume:
3.40 gallon plastic basket
Basket Capacity:
130 sheets
Shreds Credit Cards:
Shreds CD/DVDs:
Castor Wheels:
Package Type: GB
Package Language: 3L

Unit Size:
12.05″ W x 6.73″ L x 15.75″ H
Unit Weight:
8.36 lbs
Package Size:
12.44″ W x 6.93″ L x 14.29″ H
Package Weight:

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